Dave Bautista Adopts Horribly Abused Pit Bull Puppy Found Eating Trash In Cemetery


An abandoned 3-month-old pit bull puppy will never lack for anything after being adopted by actor Dave Bautista.

The ex-wrestler has a soft spot for pit bulls, so as soon as he heard Sage's tale, he got in touch with the shelter to offer his assistance.

Sage was brought to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay (HSTB) after someone saw her eating trash in a nearby cemetery.

She was approached by a friendly dog when she realized she was wearing a metal chain around her neck. She hurried the pup to the HSTB for assistance.

The medical staff examined Sage, who was wagging her tail the entire time, and got her ready for surgery to get the chain around her neck removed.

We also observed that Sage has skin conditions and overgrown nails in addition to the chain. We have no idea who would harm her in this way, the shelter reported.

Dave Bautista was one of the many people who expressed interest in adopting or offering to foster the sweet girl after she recovered.

Dave, who was furious that anyone could abuse the helpless puppy, offered to personally give the source of the information $5,000 in cash in exchange for information that resulted in an arrest and conviction. He will receive a reward in addition to the $1,500 from HSTB and the $5,000 from Alvarez Injury Law for helping to catch the cruel person.

Although Dave gives off the impression of being a tough guy, he broke down when he saw the pup running in his direction. As the Sage approached him directly, he grinned broadly and laughed.

They became fast friends after he gently patted the dog on the head. However, Dave is not the only one who is thrilled about his newest family member.

With her new father at her side, Sage exudes happiness.

Sage's adoption was announced by the shelter via a Facebook post to their followers.

Dave was moved by Sage's tale and realized that she belonged with him. Sage has our utmost excitement.

Dave has given the tiny puppy a new name: Penny, and she will join his other two pit bulls that he has adopted. Penny is about to have the best puppy life ever, he said in a video he posted on Instagram introducing the dog to his followers.

Adopt, just like Dave!


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