John Travolta shares adorable photos of him with rescue dog Peanut


Photographs and movies that show celebrities spending time with their pets are entertaining to us. Regardless of your level of fame, a dog's adoration could be the greatest thing ever.

Among our favourite celebrity pets is Peanut, the cute rescue dog that made an appearance in Jamie Lee Curtis' Oscar night tribute to Betty White before being taken in by John Travolta.

A new, cute picture of the actor from Grease with the puppy was recently posted.

Benjamin Travolta, his youngest son, posted a cute picture of himself and Peanut, who is Travolta's younger brother, eating pizza.

An endearing scene from Lady and the Tramp:

Not only did Travolta post a picture of himself dozing off, but he also posted one in which Peanut was curled up comfortably next to him:

The star of Saturday Night Fever has posted several cute photos of Peanut online since the family adopted her in March.

A cute puppy was shown kissing Travolta awake in a video that went viral the previous year. According to Travolta, "This is how Ben's dog, Peanut, wakes me up."

An adoption tale about Peanut

Peanut's adoption story by Pulp Fiction star John Travolta and his family is one of the most inspirational Hollywood tales of the past several years. It's obvious that the Travoltas have found Peanut the ideal home.

During the 2022 Academy Awards ceremony's "in memoriam" segment, Jamie Lee Curtis honored TV personality and animal lover Betty White, who passed away the previous December.

After she and Peanut took the stage, Mac-N-Cheese, a rescue dog from Paw Works in need of a home, came next.

As an homage to the actress, Curtis remarked, "She was not only a Golden Girl, she was a legend who brightened every room she walked in and brought a smile to the faces of all who watched her on the screen." And for nearly a century, she was a woman who showed unwavering compassion for animals just like these as well as her two-legged companions.

Opening your home and heart to a rescue canine like Mac-N-Cheese from Paw Works is the nicest present you could offer Betty White. We are therefore grateful that you are Betty's friend.

Globally captivating, the tiny puppy had a profound impact on Travolta and captivated audiences. The actor didn't hesitate to snap a picture with the cute rescue dog when he ran into Curtis, his buddy and co-star in the 1985 movie Perfect, backstage at the Oscars.

Realizing that it was destined to be, he gave Peanut a genuine "Hollywood ending" by adopting the puppy for his kid Benjamin.

Peanut is enjoying herself greatly with the Travoltas, and we are really happy with it! Such sweet photos - obviously meant to be.

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