Puppy Keeps Getting Returned To The Shelter So Determined Man Takes Him In To Figure Out Why


One man set out to find out why an adorable puppy kept being returned by adopters. When he brought the dog home, his first plans were to assist in getting the dog ready for adoption.

Abe and Abbi, two canines who are siblings, were relocated from Puerto Rico to New York in order to increase their chances of finding a forever home.

Abbi was swiftly adopted, leaving Abe all by himself in the shelter. The animal shelter employees anticipated that the dog would be adopted quite quickly. And that's what happened, according to senior editor John Handem Piette at The Dodo, when one of his coworkers chose to adopt the puppy.

They were overjoyed when Abe was adopted, but it didn't take long for Abe to be returned to the shelter! All of the other dogs at the shelter were very happy to see Abe return because he is a very sociable and well-liked dog. The staff was perplexed by this and wanted to know what the problem was that prevented Abe from being adopted. Abe was also adopted after two weeks, however he was later returned for the second time in less than a month!

At that point, John and his girlfriend made the decision to adopt Abe and give him the new name Bean in order to give him a fresh start. The couple made the decision to take any necessary measures in order to keep Bean living with them. According to John, the dog caused infinite destruction and was twice brought back to the shelter.

The moment the dog entered John's house, he began pulling on the leash, chasing birds, shredding a shoe, and destroying his dog bed! To test if they might alter Bean's behavior, the pair chose to be extremely patient.

When the coronavirus broke out, the couple chose to move Bean to John's parents' place, and that was the pivotal moment since he was allowed to swim in the family pool and experience snow for the first time. Owning two cats, Simba and Tigger, helped to control Bean's energy as he began playing with Tigger and running about the house.

Bean wasn't as well received by Simba, but everyone else was. Everyone benefited by Bean's arrival in John's parents' home. He ultimately began settling in a permanent residence. So, the couple made the decision to keep the dog permanently. What a lovely conclusion! Watch the video down below.

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