Death Row Dog ‘Freaks Out’ When He Realizes He’s Being Adopted Into a New Loving Family


Sometimes the lengthy and agonizing days of a puppy take precedence over the days spent at a shelter. These are necessary duties that pale in comparison to acts of love and compassion. Not to mention the terrible fate that awaits them if they are not adopted into a family.

In high-kill missions, this issue comes up far too often. So what occurs when an unwanted shelter dog is accepted into a family and learns that its life is going to be turned upside down?

Although the effects of adoption have been extensively discussed, nothing compares to seeing it yourself. This is the case with Benny, a nice and peaceful shelter dog who was adopted from the high-kill Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena, California. When Benny was finally adopted, he was essentially on death row. So, what was his response?

At first, Benny appeared to be overjoyed. He sits as still as he can while keeping his composure as he looks around to see whether this is his family. However, you can tell that he is afraid on the inside. "Are they mine, are I theirs, is this it?" I envision the discussion going something like this.

He is making a valiant effort to remain composed. Just witnessing his enthusiasm nearly brought me to tears. Then it happens: the red leash of a happily ever after is offered, and Benny jumps for glee upon meeting his new family! He immediately bonds with his new family as they lead him to their automobile.

Visit your neighborhood animal shelter to find out more about adopting a pet like Benny or to discover other ways you can help. Many animals need permanent homes!

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