A college student spends the entire night holding a dying sanctuary dog in her arms so that the dog would not pass away alone

Though it would be wonderful if we could, it is simply not feasible to save every dog. This happened to Janine Guido when she met Watson the dog. She is in charge of a big number of animals as the founder of Speranza Animal Rescue.

Pit bull Watson was found abandoned in a Philadelphia park by a college student. The puppy was famished and covered in wounds when the student saw him and decided to take him to an emergency clinic. The vet told the students that Watson was in great need. His cancer is becoming worse, and time is running out for him.

From the veterinary clinic to the animal shelter, Watson walked. The staff said Watson could stay as comfortable as he could at the shelter.

Guido confessed to Dodo, "I had a gut sense that the day after would not be nice. I do not want to leave him. Not when I'm most needed by him.

She gathered dog beds and blankets to comfort him while holding him. Watson was held by her the entire time she spent up late.

He cuddled up next to me and slept like a rock the entire night, according to Guido. I woke up crying after going to sleep.

The following morning, Watson started to circle and ceased to eat and drink. Guido understood that he was passing away. She stood by his side through this difficult moment.

Soon after, Watson passed away, but for the first time in his life, he had love.

Guido stated, "I'm glad I got to hold him on his last night." "I told him how much I loved him and how valuable I thought his life was.Although my heart is broken, I will not make any changes.

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