Dog missing parts of brain is saved from being put down and is now the ‘happiest dog in the world’


Dogs with disabilities and health issues frequently have difficulties. Owners who do not want the responsibility of caring for them frequently put them down or abandon them.

However, a dog should be allowed to live and be loved just like any other dog as long as they are not in agony. One disabled dog who was given a second chance is not only doing well but is also the "happiest dog in the world!"

In 2016, Moose, a dog with a fixed smile and a big underbite, was in a pet store when Jennifer Osborne entered.

She found that Moose's congenital brain deformity—where parts of his brain were missing—was connected to this.

"Moose's nose was pushed into his skull, which caused the under-bite, crooked nose, deformed skull, deformed brain, and eye issues - probably when he was still in the womb," Jennifer told Metro.

Jennifer immediately fell in love with the dog and was most worried that Moose would end up being put down due to his medical issues if he ended up in the wrong hands.

She ended up adopting him herself as a result, giving Moose a home.

Jennifer was aware that the road ahead wouldn't be straightforward because Moose's medical issues required a lot of attention.

His convulsions, according to Jennifer, "affect the body and the brain and left his whole body twitching and him foaming at the mouth."

The dog received an MRI, which revealed the full extent of his medical problems: he was missing sections of his brain and had a cyst where his forehead and sinuses should have been.

Jennifer wrote on Instagram, "His front brain is pushed in, but the rest of his brain is healthy. "Moose's neurologist has never encountered a dog with Moose's problem."

She learned that although the dog might experience seizures for the rest of his life, they could be managed with medication and would not shorten his life.

Jennifer is happy to have Moose in her life and is equipped to handle any challenges that may arise. In spite of this, he is a happy and active dog.

She told Metro, "We're very lucky Moose survived, period, with everything that's happened to him." "He is a miracle in real life,"

Moose appears to be appreciative of every day he has to live, as evidenced by the broad smile on his face as he moves about.

Jennifer said, "He's amazing and a blessing in my life. "I am grateful that he is my dog because he is the happiest dog I have ever met."

We are ecstatic to hear that Moose is doing well and living his best, happiest life! On Instagram, you can follow this happy puppy's adventures!

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