Heroic Dog Bites Poisonous Snake to Save Owner, Smiles Innocently Before Leaving Life


Numerous stories of dogs' devotion to and selflessness on behalf of their people have garnered worldwide attention. More recently, another story of that amazing love has brought hundreds of people to tears.

The story was posted on Jeco Macs' Facebook page, the owner of Moana. When he heard Moana barking in the backyard while he was watching TV, he turned around to see the dog biting and dragging a cobra down the steps.

Macs swiftly dispatched the snake, happy that Moana's actions had preserved the family as a whole. He initially had no idea the dog had been bitten by a snake, and he boasts about Moana's success on social media.

You are loved, Moana. You are a true hero! It is up to you to save your family. Since dogs are very intelligent and will put their life in danger to save you, respect them. They value you more than anything else in their life because of that.

Moana is shown beaming in the accompanying picture with a dead snake. But a few minutes later, this dog passed away unexpectedly. The puppy's happiness soon turned to sorrow, and it didn't take long. Before her owner's family could get her to the veterinarian, the cobra murdered Moana.

The online community was immediately very interested in this story. Currently, it has garnered over 46,000 shares, 48,000 likes, and 18,000 comments from people who are touched by the bravery of the little dog.

The dog lost its life battling the deadly snake and keeping it from breaking into the house, where it might have suddenly attacked any family member. The fight killed the second snake, but the dog was trapped by the snake's powerful venom that had seeped deep into the dog's body.

It is heartbreaking to see the owner capturing a tiny dog's last moments of life as he happily wags his tail and then shuts his eyes and passes away.

When she gave her life to save her owner, Moana, a brave little dog who is a hybrid between a Shi Tzu and a Chihuahua, was just a year old.

Their affection is the same as that of a family even though they are not of the same species and cannot communicate with one another in their languages. The love that people have for this obedient animal strikes their hearts and makes them realize that those who look after them are their family.


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