Man Left His Old Dog Tied To Public Bathroom With Note Saying “Be Nice To Dog”

 Ladybird, a black Labrador dog that is nine years old, was found in Louisiana's Destrehan's Splash Park chained to a public lavatory.

She also had a message that said, "Be nice 2 dog - got stuck no car - be back soon - give my dog some water - be back in morning." She also had food and drink with her.

The local animal control concluded Ladybird had been abandoned because of the note's illegibility and duly transported her to the St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter.

The dog's real owner, who had in fact ridden to the park to collect Ladybird, called them the following morning, though.

Animal control sent the man to safety, and it was only then that the staff became aware of his tragic plight.

In a sincere chat, he admitted that he had saved Ladybird when she was just 6 weeks old. The two had been adventurers for the nine years prior, crossing the nation.

But recently he hit a rough patch, and things started to go wrong.

The owner left Ladybird in the public lavatory to look for help because he was currently homeless and without a car.

He had family in North Carolina who were anxious to help him get back on his feet, so he planned to go there with his dog.

He didn't have any means of transportation, so he stayed in Louisiana.

The men cared about Ladybird and wanted her to enjoy her golden years, as the employees could tell.

After considerable consideration, they decided to help him get Ladybird to his family's house in North Carolina.

The nicest part was that a number of other rescue groups, such as "Turning Rescues into Pets," "GreaterGood," and "Wings Of Rescue," offered to help!

See how Ladybird's happy ending was achieved by these incredible rescuers by watching this video all the way to the finish.

These rescues helped Ladybird and her father in the best kind-hearted and understanding way they could, and that is just lovely!

Watch Ladybird's trip below as she encounters the most adorable angels amid trying moments.

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