Abandoned Dog About To Be Euthanized Clings To Her Stuffed Animal In Great Fear,


This sad dog had been abandoned in a shelter and all she had left of her old family was a teddy animal. All she could do was cling to her toy in a corner because she had no idea why she had been left behind.

The most heartbreaking aspect is that she was about to be put to sleep, meaning her time was limited. It's terrible that this defenseless pit bull, who knew she was about to die, was abandoned to fend for herself in a shelter.

Her family ought to have provided her with unwavering love, safety, and a lasting home. A dog adoption entails a great deal of responsibility, and they shouldn't be treated like toys. A person who loves animals will never be able to comprehend this. For the silliest of reasons, poor pets often end themselves in horrible shelters.

A family left behind their dog and cuddly toy.

Dogs may become abandoned as they age, but this should never be an excuse to "throw" them away. Sometimes it's because the dogs are misbehaving or are out of control. For any reason, adoption is a promise that shouldn't be broken; it's not a reason to feel bad about it.

Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, a children rescue organization, claims that Layla, a small pit bull dog, was abandoned because her family felt she was “too much for them.” Animals that are stray, abandoned, or mistreated They feel that before adopting Layla, who is currently upset and just has her stuffed animal for solace, they ought to have given it more careful thought.

After reading notes left by her owner, shelter staff concluded that having five kids and two other dogs was too much for her. She seemed to have had enough of the dogs and couldn't stand it any longer. It was very horrible; people ought to think twice before passing judgment.

According to the Facebook post from the shelter, Layla truly loved the two and seven-year-old children in the family, and she was the one keeping them safe. She was also lost, afraid, and perplexed about what had happened to everyone who should have understood her when her family abandoned her. Her teddy animal was all she had to remember them.

Yes, his teddy animal was the one item that seemed to bring him comfort. She showed him around in an attempt to find solace. Even worse, time is running out for her as it has been decided that her euthanasia is necessary. They wish to raise awareness on behalf of Layla and all other dogs in her breed who, due to their pit bull breed, are being denied a chance at a happy life. Their goal is to increase consciousness in order to promote responsible adoption.


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