Blind Staffie Finds A Guide In His Forever Friend


Amos is a beautiful Staffordshire who was born blind. When Jess Martin met him while helping at her local animal shelter, they fell in love right away. He was having problems finding his forever family, so she immediately invited him into her home. Amos's temporary foster home quickly transformed into the setting that would have a lasting impact on his life.

With his foster sister, Jess was concerned about how Toby, her nine-year-old terrier, would act. Jess's closest friend was Toby. Even though they had a close bond and had experienced some amazing trips together, the prospect of expanding their tiny family sounded a little intimidating. After a few hesitant days, Toby and Amos' relationship deepened.

Amos had never lived in a house and had spent his entire life at a rescue facility before meeting Jess. When Amos' paws touched carpet, he grew agitated, ran into walls, and developed a fear of TV sounds. Even the simplest tasks, like finding the water bowl, were extremely difficult for the blind puppy.

Toby had his concerns about Amos at first, but Jess quickly noticed something odd. When Toby saw Amos stumbling to find his water bowl, she would gently nudge him in that direction. After what began as sporadic light prodding, Amos finally had his own guide. Jess was conscious of the fact that her family and she had made yet another close friend.

Amos had eye checkups as he grew older. It was thought that it would be preferable to remove the eyeballs out of compassion, as they were likely the cause of his daily strain and agony. Immediately following the procedure, Toby took over as Amos' "unofficial guide dog."

He was apprehensive when Amos and Toby initially started taking strolls together. The noises would frighten him, and he would need to stop often to lay down and recover himself. As soon as he was ready to continue, Toby would immediately sit down next to him.

Hiking across the hills has been the furry friends' favorite pastime! Toby guides Amos in navigating the slopes with body bumps and prods, and if he strays off the course, Toby helps bring him back.

They get along well and are considerate of one another's limitations.

Amos has become an expert hiker, but he still has a lot to learn about socialization and getting along with other dogs. Toby frequently serves as a mediator in these relationships because Amos' inability to communicate like a typical dog would scare off most dogs. Every day, Jess and he work to enhance Toby's social skills!

Toby was the ideal guardian and guide that Amos could have wished for! They had each other's lifelong friendship.


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