Deaf dog that was stung by thousands of bees was lucky to be saved


He was left in a shelter after the incident by his family, as if being stung by hundreds of bees wasn't horrible enough already.

Rescuers gave the deaf Pit Bull, who they later named Stinger, life-threatening sores all over his body when he arrived at the shelter.

They intended to put the dog to death because they couldn't save him given how badly he was injured.

At that point, Carri Shipaila of Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan-based LuvnPupz Rescue came in to offer assistance. She got in her car and started driving for over an hour to pick Stinger up from the shelter as soon as she heard about him.

Sadly, his family rejected to take him, so she started working right away to save Stinger's life. They took care of his stings, a follow-up skin infection, and sarcoptic mange.

He unfortunately ended up with Pemphigus, an autoimmune disease that will affect him for the rest of his life.

Due to the expense of his treatment, he will never be available for adoption, but he did find a loving forever home with a foster and will continue to receive care and therapy from LuvnPupz.

Since the time he was first dumped at the shelter, Stinger has come a long way. He has a stunning white coat, and his excruciating blisters have lastly healed.

He is such an energetic, affectionate dog, and he is relishing his new life in a loving household!

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