Compassionate Woman Rescues Injured Dog from Mountain, Embarks on a 7-Mile Journey to Seek Aid


Unbeknownst to Tia Vargas and her 76-year-old father, their strenuous trip up an Idaho mountain would culminate in Tia's heroic rescue of an injured dog named Boomer.

Three hours into their trip across the snow-covered mountains, the two stumbled upon a scared springer spaniel. A family of hikers with kids who were new to the area was following the dog.

Concerned about the dog's welfare and unsure of its owner's whereabouts, the group was at a loss on what to do. They became suspicious that this was the lost dog indicated in a notice at the trailhead because of a collar bearing the name "Boomer."

Tia and her father looked closely and saw that Boomer had suffered serious injuries and was sadly unable to move. This loving dog had obviously been left in the wild to face a terrible fate. Tia remembered, "His eyes were bloodshot and swollen." "His hindquarters were among the many swollen parts of his body." He had cuts and bruises on his head and stomach, and he was dehydrated. His health was in grave danger.

Even though she was tired from the hard hike, Tia had gone back multiple times to help her father navigate the difficult terrain. By the time she arrived at the summit, close to Boomer's discovery, she was exhausted. She was unable to bear to part with the injured dog. At that time, Tia made a decision that would see Boomer safely out of the mountains.

With determination, Tia carried the 55-pound dog onto her shoulders and started the challenging descent with her father. It turned out that their assignment was harder than they had anticipated. The path was blocked by snow and debris, so the authorities had advised them not to use it. Tia looked around, but nobody was willing to help her take Boomer down the mountain. Her father provided her with the emotional fortitude she required to persevere.

Tia remarked, "He told a joke that made me laugh." "I told myself that I was okay." "I am capable." I quickly prayed before going to get Boomer. It was as though someone had materialized behind me and lifted my load.

Six hours and seven miles later, Tia reached the foot of the mountain, reunited Boomer with his relieved owners. Boomer's family was in complete fear after he fell 200 feet into a 100-foot snow fissure. They had pursued him, but he had vanished from sight.

Tia was ecstatic to hear that Boomer was okay, and the family expressed their gratitude and shared an unexpected gift with her. They were searching for a new place for Boomer to live as they prepared to move. After seeing her valiant attempts to save their pet dog, they questioned if Tia would think about adopting him.

Tia gave her whole response, affected by the offer and certain that destiny had brought her to Boomer at the top of the mountain. Boomer's loving new owner is Tia, and the two have developed a happy and grateful bond as a result of a fortuitous meeting on a strenuous mountain hike.


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