Tearful journey of a stray puppy shunned by crooked legs and touching ending


This puppy was perhaps 4–5 months old. Her bowed legs cause people to avoid her. She made her home in a field. She was fed and kept alive by kind individuals until she met volunteers at the Sheremetyevo Dog Shelter.

They didn't realize what kind of predicament they were in until they took her straight to the veterinarian. They discussed her case with the doctor. Amputation, according to some vets, and wheelchair use

However, they were unable to give up easy and could not simply let her go, so they made numerous medical contacts. She relished the food in the meanwhile. She was both inquisitive and bashful. Regardless, she's still a puppy and needs care.

Known as Kissmi, She loved to embrace and caress others because she felt interested and loved by them. It could have been her first time ever. She was an amazing puppy.

She initially wanted to flee from the chiropractor because she was so afraid, but eventually she came to understand that the doctor wanted to heal her. She complied with the test.

"A lengthy journey awaited us, but I was confident we could prevail when I received the good news at an early age about her strength on the road to recovery."

"We are happy to be back home, and we hope we followed the doctor's instructions." her foster mother said.

Having a massage One day with special oils This strengthens the bones and increases blood flow. The results of the doctor's method are as expected. Her legs have greatly decreased in size. Kissmi has been walking about in a plaster cast for the past three weeks.

"After ordering a customized splint and continuing to give her massages and vitamins, things started to improve for her." She had trouble adjusting to the splint, and it took us a long time to get there. declared her foster

"We perspirated along the trip. Although it required some time and tears, the outcomes were well worth the effort.

She will never forget that day since it was the first time in her life that she had ever run so quickly out of happiness.

She is quite intelligent, has quick memory recall, and has grown more attractive and healthy every day. She now has an entirely new life ahead of her. Adorable leading a pleasant life. a lovely child with her loved ones supporting her Warm regards to you and your entire family.

Please tell your friends and family about her experience!


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