Man Buys A Farm To Make It Sanctuary For 23 Dogs, 46 Seagulls, 3 Cats And Other Animals


Get to know Turkish guy Mert Akok, a real hero who has devoted his life to aiding disadvantaged animals. And you might be surprised by what we're going to reveal if you're still unable to imagine what it accomplishes.

This man exclusively purchases a farm for stray animals that have been saved. More than 20 dogs, a few cats, goats, donkeys, birds, and other animals live in his private shelter.

Furthermore, Mert tends to these creatures because he is aware that he cannot leave them on the farm by themselves. A man always provides his animals the greatest love and care he can afford because they can be ill, abandoned, or abused before they can make it to his haven. These are pictures that show Mert seeing his animals every day.

Mert is a businessman who runs a consultancy firm. The man always donates his spare time to aiding homeless animals, even with his demanding workload.

Mert explains why he feels that preserving animals is his calling and why he is "obsessed" with it. He is aware that the odds are against any animal, domestic or otherwise, being able to live if left on its own in the wild. He can't ignore them, and they need his assistance.

Mert started rearing dogs out of junkyards and forests. The man made the decision to relocate the tusks to the local farm when their count reached five. Subsequently, he began acquiring additional animals, including cats, horses, and seagulls.

On my property, I have anywhere from ten to twenty dogs. Save them from rural places outside the city, woodlands, and junkyards. I'm looking for homes for them. A few of them are with me forever. particularly the ill and old. Adoption is not desired by anyone. I also have 3 geese (they have a lengthy history), 3 cats, 46 handicapped seagulls, a blind horse, and I recently got a baby donkey. I currently own twenty-three dogs. He said to Bored Panda, "Most of them are elderly or disabled."

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