Travolta, a sick and malnourished pup, discovers a life-saving home with the vet who nursed him back to health.


Less than two months after an Uber driver found him barely alive, Travolta is now wearing matching sweaters with his adoptive parents.

When an underweight dog on the verge of death showed up at a Kentucky veterinary clinic a few months ago, the staff members in the emergency room thought of a suitable name for him right away.

"Can we name him Travolta?" inquired a receptionist to Emily Bewley, DVM, who happened to be working that day. Considering that this man is continuing to live.

Saturday Night Fever's celebrity rose to fame at the same time that Travolta stuck close to Bewley, the man who helped him survive. She took him in on Valentine's Day last week, and since then, the energetic puppy has lived a full life at home with his siblings, both human and animal, and he even gets to dress in matching clothes with his mother.

As Bewley put it, "He lived up to his moniker." The fact that Travolta was able to find Bewley is almost unbelievable. The tiny, undernourished puppy was found lying on the side of the road by an Uber driver, who scooped him up and took him to Louisville's Jefferson Animal Hospital.

Bewley, a staff veterinarian at the Kentucky Humane Society who spends weekends at the facility, signed him under her name because he was without an owner. Travolta was very unhealthy. His fur was matted with feces, and maggots were hiding all over his body. Bewley also said he suffered several infections, one of which being a significant one near his scrotum.

The humane society calculates that he weighed only approximately 14 pounds, when he should have weighted about 30 pounds. His muscles had all but disappeared, leaving him unable to stand or raise his head. Bewley calculates that he was probably two days away from death.

She says nobody knows how he got there.

Bewley got to work with the veterinarian team. Although Travolta, who was approximately a year old, didn't need any significant surgery, he did need washing, antibiotics, and an IV drip. He was prescribed medication to address his liver issues and anemia. He started eating and drinking, but in small amounts at first so his body could get used to taking in nourishment again.

That night, he and Bewley went home for the first time in many. As he began to progressively gain more healthy weight, many people offered to foster him. But Bewley kept coming up with excuses to keep him around. Nothing, in my opinion, was suitable for Travolta, she says.

other than her! Having seen how well he got along with her other dogs and her three children, she decided to adopt him. The very goofy dog has at last found his forever home. He loves treats, cuddles, and making noises similar to those of a ewok. His bigger dog brothers even join in on the excitement.

He's entitled to a wardrobe of custom-made sweaters, including one with his mother's tie-dye pattern.

If there's anything Travolta's story can teach us, it's to follow the example of the Uber driver and offer help when you can. Examples include fostering, volunteering, and just giving. Bewley says.

"Miracle things happen sometimes when you step in to help someone else."


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